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ONESHARE HEALTH IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY. This is an ACA-exempt Health Care Sharing Ministry.



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Changes Coming to Member Programs and Services.

New & existing Members will be affected, read below for the upcoming timeline.

Changes to Member Monthly Contribution Amounts—Starting April 15th

  • Current Members enrolled on or before March 1, 2021, will have an increase of 5% to their Monthly Contributions. This will be applied on the next billing cycle following April 15, 2022.
  • For enrolling new Members, current quoting platforms will see an increase of 4% on all Programs and tiers.

This is intended to offset the following factors:

  • An increase of $36 Million in submitted Share Requests due to the COVID pandemic.
  • The industry medical cost trend is expected to increase 6.5% in 2022.

Complete Membership Programs No Longer Available for Enrollment—Starting April 15th

Beginning April 15, 2022, Complete Programs are no longer available for enrollment through OneShare Health (current Members of the Complete Program will still be supported).

Members will have Freedom of Choice—Starting May 15th

We are continually innovating new and unique ways to serve our Members and their medical needs. As part of these updates, on May 15, 2022, OneShare Health will no longer be a part of First Health® Provider Network. Instead, Members will have the freedom to see the Provider of their choice.

Highlights of the expanded Provider Choice include:

  • Decreased Out-of-Pocket costs for Members on most services
  • More sharing dollars available for the Member population
  • Advocation and seamless processing of balance bills for our Members
  • Greater Provider choice for Members without Out-of-Network penalties

Additional information can always be found in our Producer Communication Hub, which will be periodically updated as these new Features roll out. Click the button below to visit the Producer Communication Hub.

Upcoming Changes to Our Membership Programs on May 15th

For All Existing and New Members

  • Emergency Room – Eligible Expenses for Emergency Room visits are shared up to $10,000, then ISA Applies.

For Newly Enrolled Members on or after May 15th
Existing Members will be grandfathered, and these will not apply

  • Program Visit Fee Changes
    • Classic Physician – $40 Visit Fee
    • Classic Urgent Care Facility – $75 Visit Fee
    • Classic Emergency Room – $500 Visit Fee
    • Catastrophic Emergency Room – $500 Visit Fee
  • Preventive Services Waiting Period – There will be a 180-Day Waiting Period for new Members’ Preventive Services starting May 15, 2022. (excluding immunizations)
  • Newborn Sharing Eligibility Changes – For a Member who is active prior to conception, the expenses for her newborn baby are Eligible if the newborn is added to the Membership within 31 days after birth.
  • Tobacco Use – Smoking / Vaping / other tobacco use will be a new disqualifying question for prospective Members. Applicants who answer "yes" to using tobacco or vaping in the previous 12 months will not be able to enroll with OneShare Health.

Upcoming Changes to Our Discount Services on May 15th

Discount Services will no longer be offered via Careington starting May 15, 2022. The following changes will be made to the Discount Services:

  • New & Improved Discount Savings Program – Our more robust Discount Savings Program includes Dental, Prescription, Vision, plus some new Features and exciting Lifestyle Discounts such as TeleVet and Entertainment savings.
  • Member ID Card Changes – New ID Cards will be mailed out to Members with updated sharing and discount information.

Additionally, the following Membership Program Features will not be available starting on May 15th:

  • Prescription Sharing for all Members on the Complete Program as well as Washington state Members enrolled in the Classic Program, will no longer be available.

Learn More About the Upcoming Program and Provider Network Changes

OneShare Health will host webinars for the upcoming updates to our Membership Programs and our new Freedom of Choice Provider access solution starting on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. We highly encourage all Producers to attend and ask questions. Register today to save your spot!

2021 Healthcare Coverage Exemption Information for Members

Members who reside in California, Massachusetts, or New Jersey are required to provide proof of Health Coverage Exemption (formerly utilizing the federal 8965 Health Coverage Exemption Tax Form) if they do not have an ACA Plan. Members can find information needed to complete Health Coverage Exemption Tax Form(s) via their OneShareBox Dashboard under the section titled “Tax Information.” If a Member is requesting their 2021 Healthcare Coverage Exemption Form information, please direct them to log in here.

Tax Information included:

  • Names of family members included on the Program
  • The total amount of Monthly Contributions for the tax year
  • Number of months in 2021 that Members were enrolled
  • Exemption Code for a Health Care Sharing Ministry: “D”

If a Member has any questions or needs support regarding their 2021 Tax Information, please ask them to reach out to Member Support by phone at 855-699-1274, Monday through Friday, 8 am – 6 pm CST.

Member Action Required

We are presently reaching out to verify your Members' addresses that are currently on record. If any corrections are required and the Member sends that information to you, please forward to for processing.

New Member ID Cards will be available on the Member Portal on May 15, 2022.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Producer Support Team by calling 855-699-0487, Monday–Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST. We are ready to assist you!

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“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

I Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV)


ONESHARE HEALTH, LLC (ONESHARE) IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY BUT A RELIGIOUS HEALTH CARE SHARING MINISTRY (HCSM) THAT FACILITATES THE SHARING OF MEDICAL EXPENSES AMONG MEMBERS. As with all HCSMs under 26 USC § 5000A(d)(2)(B)(ii), OneShare’s Members are exempt from the ACA individual mandate. OneShare does not assume any legal risk or obligation for payment of Member medical expenses. Neither OneShare nor its Members guarantee or promise that medical bills will be paid or shared by the Membership. Available nationwide, but please check for the most up to date state availability listing.

Discount Programs vary by state and are not owned or operated by OneShare Health, LLC.

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